Autonomic hydroponic systems
For growing microgreens, salads and vegetables in city apartments, restaurants and schools
XXI Century. Everyone has a powerful computer in pocket, the car is considered commonplace, rockets fly into space and come back.
And we also forgot the taste of a real tomato.

Chemically processed vegetables and greens go to us across the whole world, losing their taste and benefit.
With using a city farm, you can grow your own quality food
About us
SEEM SEEMENA ™ project
Production and scientific company.
Equipment and technologies for city farmers.
IE Pahodin P.P.
Kirov (Kirov region)
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Local, year-round production of greens and vegetables without the use of pesticides.
For the end consumer, this is no longer just a fashionable trend, but a real necessity for the health of the constantly growing population of cities on the planet.
Let's add to this the regions in which agriculture is physically impossible.
Desert sands in the south, permafrost in the far north, poisoned soils of cities. And we see that city farming, growing fresh organic food in an urban environment, on vertical farms is a vital necessity for all of humanity.

We have been working and developing city farming in Russia for many years. We conduct master classes for children and adults. We know for sure that even a child, on the windowsill of any city kitchen, all year round, can provide his whole family with fresh vitamins. This is especially important during a pandemic. After all, strong immunity is a guarantee of health for us and our loved ones.
In addition, our solutions allow you to get the freshest product and the widest range of edible plants in the smallest area. That is why our solutions are chosen not only by restaurants for which it is important to surprise and impress their guests with taste and beauty. But also housewives who strive to provide their loved ones with safe, healthy food all year round.

City farming, a profession of the future. We make our solutions as simple and accessible as possible so that as many people around the world as possible can learn to grow fresh, tasty, healthy and, which is not unimportant, beautiful food all year round in an urban environment.

It's as easy as making a cup of coffee!

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