Hydroponic system GREEN SHOWCASE

Hydroponic system GREEN SHOWCASE specially designed for shops and retail outlets. Can be used as a combined solution for greenery production and point visualization. Suitable for growing microgreens, baby leaves and salads in shops, fitness clubs, offices, homes and apartments. The farm has an ergonomic design and fits easily into any interior. The modular system of the farm allows you to remove the grow pallets and organize the display cases at any time.
Branding of the farm in the corporate style of your store is possible.

Dimensions, mm
Width: 650
Depth: 440
Height: 1670
Number of floors 3
Number of lamps 3pcs / floor
Luminaire power 12W
Luminaire temperature 3900k
Number of pallets 3
Pallet sizes 400 * 600
Salad grills Additional option
Size of salad grates 400 * 600
Ventilation 1 on each floor.
Autonomous irrigation system (tank, pump 1100l hour 5m12v) yes
Connection to sewerage and water supply yes
Floor water level control yes
irrigation management
light control
pump control
Toolless assembly the farm is delivered assembled.
Food input 220 \ 12v all systems
Power usage 1,7kw per day
Additional modules included
Mist irrigation and water connections. Bucket, floor napkin, gloves, towel, brush, viscose napkin, chalk board with hygrometer and thermometer
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