Hydroponic system SALADS AND VEGETABLES - our new development, which will allow you to grow not only fresh herbs, but vegetables all year round. Thanks to the use of wireless lights and fans, the installation makes it easy to adjust the intensity of lighting and airflow to the plants. The system of quick adjustment of the floors allows you to change their height as the plants grow.
In addition to the installation itself, we included several additional modules in the delivery set, allowing you to start growing greens and vegetables immediately after starting the installation:
  • 50 l of foam glass fraction 10-20
  • set "Salads spicy herbs vegetables"
  • PH & EC meter
  • Fertilizer set 5l
  • PH correctors 0.5l
Dimensions, mm
Width: 600
Depth: 600
Height: (depends on the number of floors)
Number of floors 1-3
Number of wireless lights
4 pcs per floor
can be changed, if necessary, up to 9 pcs per floor
Luminaire power 12 W
Luminaire temperature 3900k \ 2900k
Number of pallets (with flooding and drainage control system) 1-3
Pallet sizes 600 * 400
Salad grills Additional option
Size of salad grates 400 * 600
Ventilation 1 fan on each floor
Autonomous irrigation system (with a second timer for watering) Yes
Connection to sewerage and water supply Yes
Floor water level control Yes
irrigation management
light control
Toolless assembly Yes
220v input
12v all systems
Power usage
12w 1 light * number of lights
Additional modules included
Mist irrigation and water connections.
Bucket, floor napkin, gloves, towel, brush, viscose napkin
chalk board with hygrometer and thermometer
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