Hydroponic system ECONOM

The hydroponic plant ECONOMY on pallet racks has incorporated all the best technologies of the SEEM SEEMENA company. The farm can be used by both novice city farmers and already experienced growers. The use of pallet racks in the base allows you to easily scale production, completing the farm according to the room criteria. Tool-free assembly guarantees ease of start-up and modification. Customizable irrigation, ventilation and lighting systems allow you to grow a variety of microgreen, baby leaf and adult crops.
Dimensions, mm
Width: 1250
Depth: 440
Height: up to 2500
Number of floors 5
Number of lamps 2pcs / floor
Luminaire power 30W (300W per farm)
Luminaire temperature 3900k
Number of pallets 5
Pallet sizes 400 * 600
Salad grills Additional option
Size of salad grates 400 * 600
Ventilation 1 on each floor.
Autonomous irrigation system (tank, pump 1100l hour 5m12v) yes
Connection to sewerage and water supply yes
Floor water level control yes
irrigation management
light control
pump control
Toolless assembly Yes
Food input 220 \ 12v all systems
Power usage 1,7kw per day
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