Baby Sheet Set

BABY LIST is a greenery of plants, the leaves of which have an increased decorative effect and are appreciated by chefs for their unusual bright tastes that are not found in microgreens.
To grow a baby leaf, additional fertilizing with mineral fertilizers is required. They are absolutely safe for humans and prevent the accumulation of fasfats in green cultures.
The main advantage of the baby leaf is that it can be cut 5-6 times without interrupting the growing point and you can harvest from one planting throughout the month!
The set includes:
  • Collection of seeds SEMKO 12 varieties *
  • CONTAINERS for growing and delivery of microgreens 30pcs
  • MINERALWOOD CARPETS (agrominplita) 60pcs
  • Mineral fertilizer two-component

1) Basil Red Ruby
2) Basil Stella Green
3) Chinese cabbage Pak Choi
4) Vegetable amaranth Sixties
5) Arigato leaf mustard
6) Chervel Izmailovsky Semko
7) Melissa Tsaritsynskaya Semko
8) Vegetable perilla (mix)
9) Rukola Rococo
10) Sorrel Sanguine
11) Flowers Nasturtium Revolution
12) Spilantes Garden Samba

Benefits of the baby sheet:
  • Growth resumption after cutting
  • Enhanced sheet aesthetics
  • New, bright, fresh tastes!
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