BANK for germination of seedlings

Every year, the use of young sprouts of cereals, legumes and other vegetable crops is becoming an increasingly popular innovation in the lives of thousands of people around the world.
To help everyone master the technology of getting sprouts, we have created a MIRACLE BANK, which will help you to have in your kitchen the necessary amount of fresh and tasty sprouts of green buckwheat, radish, clover and many other crops every day.
The growing process will not take you much time! Just 5 minutes a day, and there will always be fresh herbs in the kitchen of your home / restaurant / cafe

The set includes:
  • Glass jar (volume: 1.5 l. Neck: 100 mm.)
  • Sieve-screw lid made of food grade plastic
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • A set of seeds for germination (wheat: 100 g, lentils: 200 g, green buckwheat: 200 g, clover: 100 g, rye: 100 g) *
* the set of seeds can be changed before shipment as agreed with the client!

Additional can set:
  1. Glass jar with a volume of 1.5 liters with a neck 100mm
  2. Cover - screw sieve made of food grade plastic
  3. Instructions for germinating most seeds:
  4. Pour seeds into a jar (no more than ⅓ the volume of a jar)
  5. Fill the seeds with clean water at room temperature for 6-8 hours
  6. After 6-8 hours, drain the water and rinse the sprouts well with clean warm water at room temperature and put the jar in a place without direct sunlight
  7. Turn the jar over and place it, lid down, with the bottom of the jar on top.
  8. Rinse the sprouts regularly. Enough once a day, but some crops are better washed 2-5 times (for example: mung bean).
  9. Return the jar to its original inverted position each time after rinsing.
  10. Most of the seeds are ready to eat on the second day.

Germination times of different species:
Wheat 1-2 days
Fenugreek 3-5 days
Rye 1-2 days
Oats 1-2 days
Mash 1-5 days (we recommend enhanced washing)
Lentils 1-3 days
Peas 1-3 days
Chickpeas 1-3 days
Clover 3-5 days
Sesame seeds 3-5 days
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