Mineral fertilizer two-component

Two-component mineral fertilizers (the classic formulation of SEEM SEEDS) - contain all the necessary macro- and micro-elements for the vegetation of your plants. If the instructions are followed, it prevents the accumulation of nitrates and phosphates above the norm in green crops
Ideal for salads and spices, as well as fruiting and flowering plants before flowering
Instructions for obtaining a working solution:
To obtain a working solution, add:
5 ml. fertilizers per 1 liter of water for growing adult greens and salads
3 ml per 1 liter for growing baby leaves (EC = 1.1-1.5 mS.)
For best results, use soft water with minimal sodium and chlorine content. Chlorinated water from municipal water supply systems must be kept for 24 hours in an open container before use.
Recommended water parameters: Temperature 16 - 22 C, pH = 5.8-6.2, EC = 0-0.5 mS. If the EC of raw water is more than 0.6 mS, water analysis may be required
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